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Why The Travel Brokers

The Travel Brokers are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, great value and ensuring your next dream holiday becomes the perfect reality.

Our Travel Brokers provide a professional Travel Consulting service, similar to what you’d expect from a Travel Agent, only better - and here are some reasons why...

A vested interest in you being a happy customer.

You know when dealing with a broker that you are dealing with the owner of the business who has a vested interest in you being a happy customer.

No juniors, no surprises, just great travel experiences!

Because your broker owns the business, you also know that they won’t leave, so you will have a consistent and strong relationship.  This helps ensure your needs are well understood, saving you time explaining yourself and ensuring your travel experiences are as you’d want them to be.

Travel insights, tips and tricks which make your travel experience just that much better.

Travel Brokers have extensive travel and travel consulting experience.  The Travel Brokers also have access to a huge wealth and knowledge from a large team of experts who communicate and share travel advice frequently.  This means our brokers have travel insights, tips and tricks which help you avoid those travel nightmares, that provide you with better value for money and make your travel experience just that much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Plan your travel at a time and place that work for you.

Travel Brokers are not restricted by shop hours or locations.  They are generally available during hours that suit their customers, so there is no need to stress about fitting your travel planning into your busy schedule.  You can discuss and plan your travel at a time and place that works for you.

Doing the work and vetting the fine print, saving you time and money.

Why spend hours of your time on your computer (the very thing many are taking a holiday from), surfing the web trying to pull together a holiday.  Attempting to decipher the truth from un-vetted online reviews and creative camera work is risky and has caught many out before.  Let your Travel Broker do the work for you.  Use their knowledge and expertise to save you hours, while making sure the product you’re booking is actually what you think it is.

Great value, great support and your travel investment is safe with us.

The Travel Brokers belong to the Helloworld group of travel companies, one of the biggest travel companies in Australasia.  Being one of the biggest means we have access to all the good deals.  It also affords us very strong relationships with our suppliers, a factor that can be invaluable when it matters.  So when you need it most, not only do you have your personal travel professional to call, you also have the support of our suppliers who care about you being looked after.

At the same time, The Travel Brokers are TAANZ approved sales professionals, so your travel investment is safe with us.  For more info on TAANZ, please click on the following link (